piatok 1. októbra 2010


I was looking for a video about this song, that had some clips from the movie, but couldn't find any on youtube. So I got pissed and made one, enjoy!

štvrtok 30. septembra 2010

Lucky Star?

I will just leave this in here for all the lucky star fans.
It's strange that lucky star is not at all a sad show, neither is its soundtrack, but this
video kinda makes me think it is.

streda 29. septembra 2010


I am sure most of you are already sucked into the madness that is minecraft, but just in case, here is a fanmade trailer.

I am sorry, my addiction forced me to do this.

nedeľa 26. septembra 2010

All about Lily Chou Chou

I have never had hangover from a movie before, it feels odd. Yesterday I saw All about Lily Chou Chou. All I knew about it was that it is a slow, calm movie. So I had no expectations, but when I started watching it, after a minute I thought: "OK movie, you already have me". The music, the cinematic and the atmosphere, was all just the same wavelength as my mind at the time. After an hour I felt like I have disappeared from the world, and a new world is created around me. After that there was a scene when I felt that I am being destroyed and recreated, and I think if that would have been the end of the movie, I would feel refreshed and good about my self, and had a good movie experience. But it wasn't the end, what came next was just pure confusion, and this had some kind of unconscious philosophical meaning, I still can't grasp consciously. The experience left me in an unusual state of mind, I was slowly walking around my house in the dark for 10 minutes, feeling like a ghost, and trying to "feel" the world around me. Somehow I fell asleep, but I don't remember how or when, and now - the next day - I still feel odd and I don't really remember the movie unless I really try. It is like I was drunk, but it is nothing like being drunk.

I am sorry.